Updates - Marriott Travel Alert by UNITE HERE


Marriott Let a Customer Change their Contract

Boston Marriott workers are on strike now, and Marriott workers in 8 other cities have authorized strikes. In Seattle, Marriott agreed with the Washington Conservation Voters to amend the WCV’s event contract with the Westin Seattle that allows the WCV to relocate in the event of a labor dispute and relieves the WCV from associated cancellation penalties. Consider asking Marriott for a similar […]

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Hawaii Environmental Groups Support Marriott Strike

In Hawaii, representatives of The Sierra Club, Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action and 350Hawaii.org collaborated on a column in the Honolulu Star Advertiser about the overlap between environmental sustainability and workers’ rights. It was titled “A truly sustainable Hawaii means one job should be enough”. They wrote, “The cost of living in Hawaii is so […]

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Sam Zell and NAREIT

NAREIT is the worldwide representative of REITs – we call on you to act like it. The “Dividends Through Diversity” forum means nothing if NAREIT continues to allow men like Sam Zell a platform to further perpetuate misogyny in an industry already recognized to be predominantly male. Hotels owned by REITS are mostly staffed with […]

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